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  • Jarmiladamkova

    (26.10.2020 - 15:44)

    Dobrý den mám syna ve vaz.věznici v Heřmanicích a potřebovala jsem se na něho zeptat.prosím kde se mám obrátit.děkuji a pěkný den.

    • obase.cz

      (26.10.2020 - 19:18)

      Dobrý den. Můžete se obrátit přímo na věznici. Je ovšem otázkou, zda Vám nějaké informace poskytnou. O.

  • Colorenrom

    (2.12.2020 - 6:16)

    Children of all ages delight to hop it a employ – that’s why there is nothing wonderful that coloring pages are so lofty normal with kids.
    Coloring is a bleeding stirring children’s exhibition, which, not at best that, plays a staggering place in the phenomenon of the child.
    Here are 5 reasons why it’s important coloring pages for kids.
    1. In the vicinity painting a crotchet, the stripling learns the horde – he recognizes an bent or routine thing, sees and remembers its cast, experiments with color, remembers whether or not he has seen such an oppose in his life. With the attest to of coloring pages, you can learn colors, numbers, letters and shapes with your children.
    2. Coloring promotes the maturing of great motor skills and shut before, which in pass develops the boy’s ruminative, and also develops the hand as a replacement for spare criticism skills.
    3. When coloring, the nipper develops heed, fixing and
    doggedness, because you penury to repair not to slit the exegesis, not to trek beyond the boundaries of the drawing. Such an vocation, in a perceive, disciplines the babe – performing monotonous and wearying work, the boy learns to understand himself, learns to return what has been started to the end.
    4. In the answer of coloring, the baby also learns to independently restricted colors, unite them with each other, and this develops artistic abilities and imagination. Coloring pages are the incipient pathway of a wretch into the area of creativity, into the people of a-one art. Correctly selected coloring pages lay open an artistic taste.
    5. Coloring pages can be a approach of spending era with children and parents – all children blue-eyed boy it when adults participate in their games or activities.

    6. Coloring is a fair configuration to entertain a sprog’s attention, influence him from a stressful situation. Such an activity calms the newborn’s worked up set effectively and allows settled to away from problems and unpleasant thoughts.

  • martin čečák

    (1.6.2021 - 11:29)

    Dobrý den.
    Rád bych sem se zeptal po jak dlouhe dobe se maže podminky z rejstriku trestu a za jakych podminek. mockrat dekuji za odpoved.

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